Good Friday Boston, is planned, paid for, and run by a coalition of like-minded churches. Each church is independent, but we cooperate together so that people far from God can be filled with life in Christ. Each church is evangelical (defined by doctrine not by political affiliation) and committed to the truth of the Scriptures and to Jesus Christ our Lord. In terms of belief, we ask that each participating church affirms the statement of faith of the Gospel Coalition. The 11 participating churches can be found on our Find a Church page.

Our hope for you is that this Good Friday service would be a connection point between you and the God who made you and who loves you. We believe that a good local church is indispensable in connecting with God and so we hope that Good Friday will be a starting point on a longer journey with and toward Christ for you.

Because we know each other and like each other. We're friends and we like cooperating together when we can. Jesus desired (commanded really) that his church be unified, so we love working and worshiping together with a common purpose whenever possible. There are certainly other great churches in Boston. You can find one list at the Gospel Coalition Church Directory.